Why Hair Loss ?

Losing hair from our scalp is a regular cycle in every human being! In fact everyone lose about 100 hairs daily and gets grow back after some time. But when we lost hair more than the regular loss of hair then it is called it as a hair loss.

So don’t think that as is there some one who never lost hair, as every one losing hair in their daily life cycle. There are several ways to prevent hair loss Continue reading

Natural Skin Treatments

Useful information on skin treatments for acne skin, skin burns, skin boil, skin ring worm and more. Learn how can traditional Indian herbs are helpful for treatment of skin related problems naturally.

All these skin treatments are made wonders for many people in India, that’s why now a days world’s top companies are making their skin care products with the help of Indian Ayurvedam.
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Best Hair Loss Treatments

Here are the some of the best hair loss treatments, which are the best known treatments in Ayurveda for hair loss. Given treatments are used traditional Indian herbs to stop hair loss, Given solutions are not only helps to get rid of hair loss, also helps to strengthen hair, smoother hair and blacken the hair.

Learn about the common causes of hair loss and the best hair loss treatments that work for everyone.
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Indian Herbs for Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most commonly known degenerative diseases of bones that occur with the advancement of age.

Arthritis means the inflammation of joints in any part of the body. Symptoms of Arthritis include the inflammation and swelling of the joints along with acute pain.
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Indian Herbs for Sore Throat

Sore throat is generally occurs due to over heat in a body. Some times sore throat can be happened due to change in eating habits or change of water. Even over heat in our body will result eruption in the throat. Where as Indian herbs are very useful for the sore throat treatment naturally.

In fact some of the Indian herbs are plays a vital role, as just gargling the juice or decoction of Continue reading

Indian Herbs for Cracked Heels Treatment

Cracked heels occurs due to over or excess heat in our body flows down from body to the feet. If we do not taken any remedy or treatment to overcome this cracked heels problem, then it looks odd. Even cracked heels will leave a bad impression on us.

In olden days our elders saying that if our heels are in good condition without any cracks means, they are healthy. So if you could have used the below given herbs for cracked heels treatment, you can be easily Continue reading

Natural acne treatment during pregnancy

Here are the some of the natural treatments to cure skin acne during pregnancy with aloe vera, cucumber, mint, orange, garlic, neem tree leaves and tender coconut water.

Most of the women face acne problem during their pregnancy due to hormonal changes in their body. Many researchers found that some of the women get severe acne is an unavoidable, but they made a statement that control it with the help of natural acne treatments.
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How to make skin shining

Every one wishes to shine their skin, In fact most of the people look for some skin care products for skin shining. But most of them are avoiding that our Traditional Indian Herbs gave us very valuable and beneficial remedy tips to shine our skin.

If you know what are they, am sure you will never look for any skin products for any purpose. Here are the useful tips to learn skin shining with natural herbs and their ingredients.
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Indian Herbs for Blood Pressure

Discover the Indian herbs for the blood pressure treatment as well as to control the blood pressure with the help of these natural herbs without using any medicines.

There are various courses of actions that people adopt in order to treat their Blood Pressure abnormality. But the treatment with the help of medications often results in certain side effects. Continue reading

Indian Herbs for Sunburn

Sunburn is a burn caused on skin due to over exposure to Sun. Sunburn can not only be caused due to over exposure to Sun, but also to UV rays, tanning lamps etc. Sunburns may burn or tingle for a few hours even after the exposure to Sun is stopped. Sunburns could darken the color of the skin just like tanning or they may also cause other kinds of burns such as chapping of the skin, blistering and even discoloration.

Though most of the Sunburns are mild problems that correct Continue reading