Indian Herbs for Digestion

A need to improve Digestion occurs when you have constipation, gas, irritable bowel syndrome or diarrhea. Stomach and Small Intestine are responsible for Digestion.

Whenever food we ate does not break down completely, it enters into Large Intestine in an undigested state and Large Intestine starts to digest this food with the help of certain bacteria.
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Save lives from operations

Most of the available Allopathic medicines in the market are poisonous, So they are reducing our  life span.

Now a days for every small reason doctors are recommending to get an operation to get rid of the problem. Say we have a vehicle, if it got some repair will take to garage, if mechanic ask us to replace any spare part! we will get an assurance that the problem will not raise again otherwise we are not going to do that for our vehicle. Where as doctor will not give any assurance for any operation, even though we go for operation. Why ? Continue reading

Eyes Number Reducing Treatments

Discover the natural treatments for reducing the eyes number or improving the eyesight or to get rid of eyes number problems naturally with the help of Traditional Indian Herbs.

Given eyes number reducing treatments are very traditional, so we gave some names in Sanskrit. If you find any difficulty in understanding the treatments, please ask me by filling the comment form. I hope everyone likes these treatments, because all are very natural and worked for every one.
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Eye Treatments

Learn the common eye treatments for all eye problems for every one, who wants to get rid of any eye problems by using natures natural Traditional Indian Herbs ingredients, which helps to cure without any side effects.

Eye is the most important organ for every living thing on earth, which helps to see this world.  You don’t believe that by just looking any one, you can decide good or bad about them. If you utilize the power of eyes, can do wonders in your life.

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What causes hair loss ?

There are several factors causing the more hair loss. As now a days every one wants every thing instantly like a watching the TV channel by pressing the one remote control button or getting a pizza by just dialing some number.

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Back Pain Treatments

Back Pain affects many across the globe and can be quite debilitating as it affects not only our jobs and daily lives, but also outlook on life and ability to enjoy our family, friends.

So lets learn the natural back pain treatments, which can helps to get a relief from back pain. The given back pain treatments are traditional in nature but are most popular in Ayurveda.

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Why Hair Loss ?

Losing hair from our scalp is a regular cycle in every human being! In fact everyone lose about 100 hairs daily and gets grow back after some time. But when we lost hair more than the regular loss of hair then it is called it as a hair loss.

So don’t think that as is there some one who never lost hair, as every one losing hair in their daily life cycle. There are several ways to prevent hair loss Continue reading

Natural Skin Treatments

Useful information on skin treatments for acne skin, skin burns, skin boil, skin ring worm and more. Learn how can traditional Indian herbs are helpful for treatment of skin related problems naturally.

All these skin treatments are made wonders for many people in India, that’s why now a days world’s top companies are making their skin care products with the help of Indian Ayurvedam.
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Indian Herbs for Sore Throat

Sore throat is generally occurs due to over heat in a body. Some times sore throat can be happened due to change in eating habits or change of water. Even over heat in our body will result eruption in the throat. Where as Indian herbs are very useful for the sore throat treatment naturally.

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Indian Herbs for Snoring Treatment

Indian Herbs for Snoring TreatmentSnoring is a common problem faced by everyone due to pollution, dramatic changes in their food eating habits and frequent changes in life style of every one.

Snoring is caused due to the problem in our respiratory system, which results sound during sleeping. Snoring sound may be soft or louder or unpleasant mode, sound will vary depends on case.

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