Herbal Treatment for Hair Growth at Home

Hair GrowthHair growth is highly needed for all the ages. Most of the people are trying to have the hair growth using various tips. Here are the herbal treatment tips for hair growth which can be prepare at homes. These are the natural tips that helps to have the healthy hair growth. These natural treatments are well suitable for women that shows the better result.

Lets have a look at the herbal hair growth treatments with Amla, Black Pepper, Honey, Aloe-Vera, Neem, Thistles and more.

Amla juice for hair growth
Mix 2 spoons of Amla juice by adding little amount of lime juice in it. Apply this mixture to the scalp and leave it until it gets dry. After that have a usual hair wash. Use this mixture twice a week helps to have a healthy hair growth.

Hair growth with Black Pepper
Mix the black pepper powder with the some amount of lime juice in order to get the fine form of paste. Apply this paste to the roots in hair and then cover it with towel. After 30 minutes wash you hair with shampoo. This will gives the natural hair growth.

Honey and Aloe vera for hair growth
Mix Aloe vera gel by adding 2 tbsp of honey in it. Gently massage your scalp in to the roots. Leave this mixture for 15-20 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo. Regular using of this mixture will show you better results in promoting the hair.

Hair growth with Neem
Gently massage regularly with Neem oil on the scalp. Leave it over a night and have a usual hair wash with Neem based herbal shampoo. This is one of the best treatment that helps to promote the health hair.

Hair growth with Thistles
Mix Thistle leaves juice with the coconut oil and then heat it for some time. After that apply this oil to the hair regularly at night. Later on wash your hair with soap nut in the morning. Frequent using of this oil will keeps the hair black and also improves the hair growth.
Note: Guntagalagara (Telugu) = Thistle leaves (English) = Bhringraj (Hindi).

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