Indian Herbs for Paralysis Treatment

Paralysis is a stroke or damage to our nervous system, which will paralyze some of our main body parts like hands, legs etc. Paralysis effected people unable to move their effected body part. Usually paralysis is effected for older age people.

If fact our traditional Indian herbs have wonderful treatment for curing this paralysis with the help of Indian herbs without using any medicines.

Here are the list of paralysis treatments, which will helps to cure for the any body parts of paralysis at home.

Paralysis Treatment – 1

Make a decoction of big mustard seeds and taking of 40 to 50 grams for a few days will give good result for paralysis.

Paralysis Treatment – 2

Prepare a ginger juice, onion juice and mix these juices of same quantity with honey. Taking of 1 to 2 spoons of this mixture daily will helps to cure paralysis.

Paralysis Treatment – 3

Make a fine form of paste with the help of sesame oil and pepper powder. Applying of this paste on the paralysis effected areas. Wash with lukewarm water, once it becomes dry. This is very traditional Indian treatment for curing paralysis.

Paralysis Treatment – 4

Boil 250 grams of sesame oil by adding the 50 grams of small ginger pieces, once the ginger pieces become black, filter the oil mixture. Now add the 20 to 30 grams of camphor and 20 grams of pepper powder to the prepared oil mixture. Applying of this total oil mixture on paralysis effected area of body parts is a most beneficial paralysis treatment.
Note: Oil must be in warm condition while applying.

Paralysis Treatment – 5

Eating of wolf meat and massaging with its oil cures paralysis.

Paralysis Treatment – 6

Massaging with sand oil can helps in the paralysis treatment and you will notice that there will be excellent paralysis recovery.

Paralysis Treatment – 7

Massaging with chillies paste mixed with pig fat or castor oil will cure paralysis problem very easily.

Paralysis Treatment – 8

Massaging with cashew fruit oil mixed with same quantity of coconut oil or sesame oil or almond oil can cure severe paralysis problems also. This is a very good paralysis treatment to get rid of any body parts of paralysis, which is a well known paralysis treatment in Ayurveda.

Useful resources of Indian Herbs for Paralysis Treatment

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2 Responses to Indian Herbs for Paralysis Treatment

  1. Dr,Rohit Mishra says:

    Applying paste of any herb will not work. Paralysis is not a skin or muscle disease. It is neurological. The herb; leaves and seeds consumed in powder form and their metabolic activity alone will be helpful

    • Vijaya says:

      Hello Dr. Rohit Mishra,

      You can refer Ayurveda Maharshi Yelchuri written “Swadesi Vanamulika Veadm”, in which he confirmed that the applying of paste made from sesame oil and pepper powder is very helpful in the paralysis treatment.

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