Natural Hair Treatments

Useful information on hair treatments for hair fall, baldness, white hair, hair regrowth, for smoother hair, hair worms and more. Learn how can traditional Indian herbs are helpful for treatment of hair related problems naturally.

All these hair treatments are made wonders for many people in India, that’s why now a days world’s top companies are making their hair products with the help of Indian Ayurvedam.

Lets learn the Hair Treatments for causes one by one given below.

Hair Fall Treatment

Take a Tippa Teega Churnam and add Gunta Galagara or Guntagalagara juice mix well and make a fine form of ointment, apply this solution to the hair will result in stopping the hair fall and helps to blacken the hair.

Baldness Treatments

Take two to ten grams of gunja, gaja dant bhasma, rasavanti in equal quantities and make a fine form of solution. Apply this solution to the area, where hair lost. This kind of baldness treatment is very useful and soon you notice that the hair will grow on baldness area.

Collect same quantities of curd and lavanam (salt) and prepare a fine form of paste. Apply this paste on baldness area and rub gently like massage for at least four to five minutes daily will helps to regrow hair on baldness area. This is very beneficial baldness treatment.

White Hair Treatments

Using of Neem Oil for two months for the hair, also using as nostril drops will result good in making the white hair to black hair.

Take same quantity of holy basil leaves, dry gooseberry and make a fine form of paste. Now add lemon juice to this paste and apply this paste to hair will helps in blacken the hair very soon.

Loha Basamam, gunta galagara, triphala, black sand added to sugar cane juice for a month. After one month applying this mixture to the hair daily during the night time is very beneficial treatment for blacken the hair.

Applying the cow ghee daily in the night and rub the bottom of the feet with brownze glass gently is a one of the traditional treatment to blacken the white hair.

If we have rubbed our eight fingers nails to each other daily about two to three minutes will helps to changing the white hair to black hair.

Checkout the complete list of White Hair Treatments, which helps to make your white hair to black hair.

White Hair Treatments for Children

Prepare a Elephant teeth, gooseberry, brungaraju thailam (oil) and apply to the total hair. Use hot ghee as nostril drops. Taking of triphala churna with yashti churna tow times a day. After having a meal drink one glass of hot water mixed with ghee. Do Sarvangasanam and jalanethi. If you could have used any one of the above given treatments will result your childs white hair becomes black. All these used Traditional Indian Herbs for the treatments, so we gave some names in my native language.

Hair Growth Treatments

Applying of Sesame leaves oil to the hair, Thippa teega, applying of  gooseberry or bhringaraj (guntagalagara) thailam, Bitter gourd roots or fenugreek (menthulu) paste, neem oil are effective treatments for hair growth.

Make a fine paste of banyan tree vudalu mixing with lemon juice and apply to the hair. Wash after 30 minutes and apply pure coconut oil. If you do this procedure for three days continuously will helps to stop hair fall, your hair becomes black, stronger and increases the hair length. This is very traditional home remedies treatment for hair growth.

Hair Smoothing Treatment

Applying of cow urine to the hair and wash after some time. Now do a massage with mustard oil will helps to smoother the hair instantly.

Treatment for Hair Worms

Applying of reetha foam will helps to kill hair worms and their eggs completely from your hair.

Neem tree seeds oil, mustard oil or majuphala oil applied to the hair will remove the hair worms very easily.

Make a paste of holy basil leaves, apply this paste to the hair thoroughly and  tighten the hair with fresh clothe for some time. When you remove the clothe, whatever hair worms with your hair will be dead and sticked to the cloth. If you do this procedure for at least two to three times will helps to get rid of total hair worms and your hair becomes clean.

Useful resources of Natural Hair Treatments

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