Natural Skin Treatments

Useful information on skin treatments for acne skin, skin burns, skin boil, skin ring worm and more. Learn how can traditional Indian herbs are helpful for treatment of skin related problems naturally.

All these skin treatments are made wonders for many people in India, that’s why now a days world’s top companies are making their skin care products with the help of Indian Ayurvedam.

Lets learn the natural skin treatments one by one given below.

Natural Skin Treatments

You can use these skin treatments for any kind of skin problems, even if they are troubling you for years.

Make a mixture of lemon juice with Naarikela Jataa thailam and massaging this mixture on your body can helps to get rid of any kind of skin problems.

Massage the skin with juice from bitter gourd leaves can cure any type of skin problems.

Acne Skin Treatments

Make a fine form of paste of Sandal, Nutmeg, black pepper and water. Apply this paste on face daily during the night time and wash the face with luke warm water in the morning will clear acne skin very soon.

Make mixture with the help of Gorochanam, Black pepper and water. Applying this mixture to the acne skin will helps to cure acne scars and acne. If you could have used this procedure for few days, your skin become very smooth.

Skin Burns Treatments

Applying of turmeric added water on skin burn will gives relief and you will feel as cool at that place.

Mix coconut oil with turmeric powder and apply on burn skin will helps to cure skin burns.

Skin Boil Treatment

Drinking of 20 to 50ml of neem tree leaves juice can helps to cure the skin boil, this is very traditional herb treatment for skin boil.

Treatment for Ring Worm

Make a paste by rubbing the tamrind seeds on floor by adding the lemon juice. Applying this paste on ring worm on skin gets relief.

Apply the mint juice on ring worm. This is one of the very natural skin treatment for ring worm.

Make a fine form of paste with Holy Basil leaves and lemon juice can helps to get rid of ring worm on skin. This is very natural way to kill ring worm.

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