Top 10 tips to stop hair loss

Losing hair becomes a common problem faced by most of the people around the world. When we think about to stop hair loss! First we must know the answers for Why Hair Loss ? What causes hair loss ? Once you know these answers then you can answer yourself on how can I stop hair loss.

So this is a good idea that to learn about why hair loss ? What causes hair loss ? If you could follow these tips daily then you will be a free bird from hair loss.

Top 10 Tips to Stop Hair Loss

  • Stress is one the major factor for hair loss, so by doing daily exercise and yoga helps to stop hair loss.
  • Eat foods that are rich in vitamin C ,D and E. They will reduce hair loss and improves hair growth.
  • After head bath, don’t brush your hair, it will cause hair damage and hair loss. When your hair becomes dry then take wide -toothed comb, it will remove the knots easily.
  • Apply oil to hair thrice in a week, it will stop hair loss.
  • Massaging scalp with oil in circular stimulation’s will protects from hair loss and gives strength to hair roots.
  • Never wash your hair with very cool water or very hot water, which will damage your hair and also leads to hair loss.
  • Take a fresh hibiscus (Mandara) leaves and make a fine form of paste, then apply to hair. Leave it for some time and wash your hair with water, which will helps to prevents hair loss.
  • Take dry hibiscus leaves powder and add to coconut oil and then boil it. After 20 minutes remove the oil and keep a side, then strain the oil and store in a glass bottle. Apply this oil to hair. This will make hair silky, soft and also helps to stop hair loss.
  • In summer season must cover your hair with scarfs. It will prevents hair damage and hair loss.
  • Daily drinking the 2 cups of milk will stop hair loss, as this is a very traditional home remedy to stop hair loss.

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