Traditional Indian Herbs for Diabetes

Diabetes is the condition in which there is an excessive amount of sugar present in the bloodstream of the person. It is a condition that cannot be treated, but by several methods it can be controlled.

Though Diabetes is one of the leading causes of metabolic deaths in the world today, by care and perseverance the disease can be controlled.

A change in lifestyle is a way to manage Diabetes. A change in lifestyle generally means taking on more exercise and altering eating habits. Altering eating habits include monitoring the types of foods that a person eats, especially fatty foods and carbohydrates.

Using herbs for Diabetes treatment is not a new option. People were using plants and plant extracts to fight this severe disease called Diabetes. Here are some of the herbs that works effective for treating Diabetes.

Diabetes Treatment – 1

Indian Gooseberry or Amla is a good source of Vitamin C and has a lot of antioxidants. Traditionally the juice of Gooseberry is mixed with Bitter Gourd juice as a treatment for Diabetes. The ratio is one teaspoon of Gooseberry juice for one cup of Bitter Gourd juice.

Diabetes Treatment – 2

Mango is known as the king of fruits. The leaves of Mango tree are used as a treatment for Diabetes. The tender leaves are soaked overnight and the next day morning, it is squeezed and filtered out. The water containing the essence of Mango leaves is consumed every morning for reducing blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Treatment – 3

Neem Leaves are also well known for its anti Diabetic properties. These leaves can be consumed in the form of juice or in dried powder form. The recommended dosage for Diabetic patients is 5ml in the morning. Neem leaves are bitter in taste and usually sweetened with honey, which is not harmful for Diabetic patients despite its sweetness.

Diabetes Treatment – 4

Sweet Potato Leaves are extremely beneficial in treating Diabetes. However the fruit contains a lot of starch and therefore should be consumed only in very small portion sizes by Diabetic patients. Sweet Potato leaves can be added along with tea leaves while preparing tea. If used in powdered form then about 6 teaspoons of powder can be boiled in one cup of water and consumed daily.

Diabetes Treatment – 5

Cinnamon is known to reduce fasting blood glucose levels as well as cholesterol levels. You may be surprise that half a teaspoon of Cinnamon in your everyday diet as a Diabetic can decrease glucose levels in your blood a lot.

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